The purpose of the Australian Toilet Organisation is to create better communities through better toilets.


Locally: transform the public's expectations of, and relationship to, public toilets by raising awareness about issues and providing solutions.

Globally: support the World Toilet Organization and its community to improve toilets and sanitation in developing countries.



Generally speaking, if you ask a person in the street, they will tell you public toilets in Australia are not pleasant places.

Yet they are so important to a healthy, safe and prosperous community.

Imagine a world where there are clean, user friendly and reliable public toilets in every shopping strip or precinct. Imagine being able to describe your local public toilet with words and phrases such as: modern, safe, airy, clean, reliable, light-filled, colourful and fresh.

This is the Australian Toilet Organisation's vision for public toilets in Australia.

The Australian Toilet Organisation will work to achieve this by:

  • introducing a toilet star rating system encouraging owners of these facilities to aim for better and better standards of maintenance and cleanliness;
  • facilitating maintenance and cleaning courses for public toilets;
  • stimulating and assisting with programmes aimed at reducing vandalism and crime associated with public toilets;
  • creating public pride in public toilets thereby creating local guardianship of public toilets;

Globally the Australian Toilet Organisation will assist the World Toilet Organization and other organisations around the world to improve toilets and sanitation in developing countries and in so doing improve the lives of 2.5 billion people. This will include individual projects in developing countries and "Bottom of the Pyramid" social entrepreneur programs aimed at making toilets and sanitation more accessible.