The Australian Toilet Organisation is dedicated to better public toilets for a better community.

Research shows that public toilets make an enormously positive contribution to public spaces such as parks, economic precincts such as shopping strips and communities as a whole.

Public toilets are undergoing a sea change. No longer hidden away, concrete bunkers that are hosed down once a week. Today, the public seek modern, well appointed, light filled, safe and spotlessly clean public conveniences located with clear and open sight lines to increase safety and public ownership. Leading design practitioners adhere to principals espoused by a philosophy euphemistically referred to as CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.

The key challenge facing public toilets is increasing public engagement with these important pieces of infrastructure. Graffiti, vandalism and anti social behaviour associated with public toilets make this difficult. If these issues are addressed, greater public amenity and a better outcome for the community are assured.

In time, these pages will be filled with information and resources that will aid all stakeholders to transform public toilets.

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